5 Earthquake Preparedness Tips for Back to School 2018

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When asked why they don't have an emergency kit, most BC residents say they've been meaning to put one together, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. This rationale is amplified during back to school season. Parents try rampantly to get their kids ready for back to school all the while trying to enjoy that last little bit of summer by traveling and doing outdoor activities. As a result, the thought of preparing for something that may not happen in the near future may seem extraneous to most parents. However, the reality is that there is no better time to get prepared than during back to school season.

On October 18th many schools will be participating in the Great BC ShakeOut, which is a province-wide earthquake preparedness drill. CBC News posted a very good article following last year's ShakeOut that you can read by clicking the link below.

Are you ready to shake? CBC meteorologist answers earthquake questions after drill - Clare Hennig - CBC News - Posted: Oct 19, 2017

It is my recommendation that every household in BC have a meeting that same evening following the Great BC ShakeOut to discuss the drill and review their own emergency plan.

Here are 5 tips to help your household prepare for a major earthquake this back to school season.

1) Click here to register and take part in the Great BC ShakeOut on October 18th.

2) Develop a household plan, so your family will know what to do in the event of a major earthquake. The Province of BC has created a Household Emergency Plan document you can use. Click here to open the PDF, print it off, and fill in the blanks.

3) Build your own emergency kit or buy one through us. We go manufacturer direct for all our supplies, which allows us to offer low prices while still staying in business. I challenge anyone to put together as comprehensive of a kit at a lower price than the ones we offer. Regardless, the point is to have a kit and we're here to help you do this if you need us.

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4) Get Escape Ladders for every floor in your home above ground-level.

Buy a 2-Story Escape Ladder

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5) Join the Waitlist for the Tribal.Systems Early Earthquake Home Alarm System. This groundbreaking technology was developed by Kent Johansen, Research Engineer at UBC, and Engineer Kim Lundquist formerly of Analog Devices and current President of TCLA Safety. This product is currently waitlisted, so sign up now for free and hold your spot.


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