Six Mid-to-High Magnitude Earthquakes Occur Off BC Coastline - Continued Aftershocks Expected

Posted by Karl Lundgren on

At 10:39pm local time yesterday evening a 6.6 magnitude earthquake occurred off the west coast of Vancouver Island.  This quake was followed by aftershock 6.8, 6.5 and 4.9 magnitude quakes within the next hour.  Another aftershock occurred at 12:13am, this time a 4.4 magnitude quake.  Then this morning another 5.2 magnitude aftershock at 9:13am.

No reports of damage as of yet and no tsunami warnings were issued for any of the quakes.  Not many people have even reported feeling the quakes even on western Vancouver Island, within 200km of where these quakes took place.

Aftershocks are expected to continue over the next few days and people are advised that they might be felt on land and to be prepared in case of any significant shaking.  Here's a summary of the initial quake and aftershocks that have taken place.

Magnitude Date/Time
5.2 Oct 22 9:13am
4.4 Oct 22 12:13am
4.9 Oct 21 11:39pm
6.5 Oct 21 11:22pm
6.8 Oct 21 11:16pm
6.6 Oct 21 10:39pm

For more updates and ongoing details please visit the USGS page and we'll do our best to update this post as needed.

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