A Candid Plea from an Emergency Preparedness Company

Posted by Karl Lundgren on

Every time an earthquake happens along the West Coast of North America, we see a spike in earthquake kit sales.  This is to be expected, as earthquakes happening nearby are a perfect reminder that you too live in an earthquake prone area and should be prepared just in case.

It's been 3 weeks now since the first of 8 notable earthquakes struck the Pacific Coastline.  Along with these quakes were thousands of aftershocks that caused structure fires, mass power-outages and even hospital closures.  EarthquakeKit.ca and every other emergency preparedness company along the coast has been working tirelessly to get caught up on all the orders that have been placed for emergency supplies.

We’re fine with this as most of us that work in this industry got into it to help people get prepared and to spread awareness on this important topic.  So anytime people take the step to get prepared, it makes what we do worth while.

But…  It has been less than a week since the last of those 8 notable earthquakes occurred and already, we’re seeing the demand for kits go back to normal levels.  The earthquakes are a distant memory as far as most are concerned.  Now don’t get me wrong here, we’re happy to have a chance to breath for the first time in weeks, but there is something inherently wrong with this picture and it bothers me a bit every time it happens.

Why do we always wait for something bad to happen to take action.  It’s important that everyone continues to spread awareness and stress the importance of emergency preparedness year-round.  If you are one of those households that aren't prepared or are underprepared, I implore you to take action.  Put together a household emergency plan and make sure everyone knows it inside and out.  Put together some emergency supplies and store them in a safe place.  Get yourselves prepared.  There’s no sense and fearing something you can’t control but be prepared and don’t belittle the threat simply because you don’t understand it.

We still have a long way to go in BC to get ourselves prepared for the inevitable big one and if we wait for these quakes to happen to get prepared, it may just be too late the next time it happens.

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  • Where can we get these kits?

    Where do we get these kits ? on
  • How much are your kits? For 2 or 4

    Marie-louise oberg on
  • I’m definitely getting an earthquake kit and stock up on water, I can’t remember how much water per person a day is good to get

    Georgina on

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