Extreme Weather in Texas

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What a crazy time to be alive in this crazy world; the killer virus is on the loose. Nation capitols are being attacked and stormed, and now the entire state of Texas is covered in snow. Texas is not a region accustomed to snow, which is why they say they were so unprepared for the temperatures and snowfall that have occurred in the last few days. Any outsider would have thought that what’s happening in Texas is some sort of freak occurrence, but in reality it’s not. Texas gets snow more often than one would think. In fact the last time they got snow was in Houston in 2017, and before that, in 2011. So it’s happening more than we think. It’s just that news travels in such a form in today’s day and age that we are force fed every single slightly relevant piece of news.


Growing and living in the lower mainland of British Columbia, we are no strangers to freak snow falls. We are for the most part prepared in terms of the salting of roads and in having snow plows. For a region that maybe gets snow once a year, if at all, and when and if it comes, we always get through it in a timely fashions. So saying that we rarely get snow is a lame excuse for being unprepared. Being prepared for unlikely circumstances is what makes a community stand above the rest. Not only were the roads in Texas not salted or plowed within a moderately respectable amount of time, but the overall infrastructure of the state was not even remotely geared for cold snowy and icy weather. This caused pipes to freeze and electric transformers to blow, creating massive power outages, as well being limited to having little or no drinking water. Texas was the definition of unprepared. There is no way that a few inches of snow should have affected a community so drastically. A rich state of that size and should be prepared for anything. A dozen snow plows and a few piles of salt is a drop in the bucket for the Texas budget.

It’s no secret that Texas is a stubborn state, and that they are a proud bunch. They pride for being being self reliant and have even expressed interest in becoming their own country. However a few inches of snow almost ended them as a region and they immediately asked for federal help. I guess the point I am trying to make is that sometimes you can’t count on your government to protect you from every angle; the government can’t control the weather. You have to take it upon yourselves to make sure that you have you and your family covered. If every single household in Texas had an emergency relief kit like the one we provide at earthquakekit.ca things would have been a lot smoother in Texas, and lives could have been saved. So it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, having an earthquake kit or a disaster relief kit can assure that you and your family are taken care of in a time of emergency.

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