Tsunami Tuesday 2018

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As a company with a large social media following we try very hard to keep our finger to the pulse of anything earthquake related and inform our following when something happens globally.  But what about when you completely sleep through the biggest seismic event in a couple years right in your backyard?

Like many in BC, I woke up this morning like it was any other day.  Started scrolling through my Facebook news feed.  I was shocked to see my name tagged by concerned friends and family across Canada.  It took my breath away.

Unbeknownst to me, in the middle of the night, a major earthquake had happened off the coast of Alaska triggering a tsunami.  One buoy registered waves at 38 feet.  A tsunami warning was issue for coastal BC and Alaska and a tsunami watch for the entire pacific coast of North America.  Here's what the tsunami warning looked like in Metro Vancouver.

Luckily, the waves dissipated and a few hours later the tsunami warning was lifted.  

It truly is humbling when you think about it.  This could happen in the middle of the night, when you're sound asleep and at your most vulnerable.

These events are mother nature's way of reminding us to get prepared.  My message to my fellow British Columbians is to heed this warning and take this opportunity to get yourselves prepared.

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Karl Lundgren

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Have a Household Emergency Preparedness Plan

During a disaster, phone, gas, electrical and water services may be disrupted. Roads could be blocked, stores closed and gas stations out-of-service.  It may be days or even weeks before infrastructure, utilities and essential services are restored. It's important that every household in BC be prepared to survive on their own for at least 72 hours.

The Province of BC has put forth some amazing resources and by completing the steps in the PreparedBC: Household Preparedness Guide (PDF) and filling in the blanks of the PreparedBC: Household Emergency Plan (PDF) you'll have a great start towards getting your home prepared for an emergency.

Image Source: Province of BC: Prepared Your Home


Buy Or Assemble Your Own Emergency Kit

We all have items around the home that we can scrounge together in the event of a disaster, but having a backpack kit prepared will allow you to vacate your home in a hurry and still have the essentials you'll need to survive.  If you don't need to leave your home, a backpack kit will still come in handy as it provides all the essential items in one place and extra food and water rations in case a prolonged period of self-reliance is required.  

The Province of BC's website will help guide you in assembling your Emergency Kit.  We recommend checking out the following 2 links:

Province of BC: Build an Emergency Kit

Province of BC: Pet Preparedness

Purchasing all the necessary items individually from various stores can be time-consuming and expensive.  We sell a range of kits to get you started and because we buy direct from manufacturer, you'll pay less in the end than you would assembling your own supplies.

Deluxe Backpack Kits

Basic Boxed Kits

Pet Kits

Group Kits

Once you've purchased your kit from us, you can add personal items unique to your household as outlined by the Province of BC.  Best part of buying from us is that we track the expiry dates of the 5 year shelf life on the food and water rations for you.  This is one less thing to worry about and allows you to maintain long-term emergency preparedness.


Get Escape Ladders

Fire departments across Canada are now recommending that households have an Escape Ladder in every room in the home above ground level.  Escape Ladders cost $70 for a 2-Story and $100 for a 3-Story.  With the rising use of technology in the home causing household fires and concerns around wildfires, being prepared for fires has never been more important.


Join the Waitlist for the Tribal.Systems Early Earthquake Home Alarm System

This groundbreaking technology was developed by Kent Johansen, Research Engineer at UBC, and Engineer Kim Lundquist formerly of Analog Devices and current President of TCLA Safety.

The Base Model for $149 is tied into the Tribal.Systems sensor network through your WIFI or Ethernet. The network has sensors in various locations across BC. When an earthquake occurs, the P-Waves trigger the closest sensor, which then communicates with the network. Using an algorithm, the network instantly calculates how long it will take for the quake to be felt at your location and triggers your alarm with an audible warning of how long you have before it reaches you.  Most people in BC can expect at least a 45 second heads-up.  This gives you enough time to grab your loved-ones and take cover.

The Advanced Model for $248 has the same functionality as the Base Model, but there is also an additional sensor that is buried outside the house allowing it to detect aftershocks for up to 2 weeks after the initial quake. Each Advanced Model also acts as a sensor on the TCLA Tribal.Systems network, so the sensor network will become infinitely more precise as more and more customers come online. Improving on the already incredibly effective existing network.

This product is currently waitlisted, so sign up now for free and hold your spot.

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