72HRS Solar Lamp LED Torch Light, FM Radio, Dynamo, USB Device Charger

  • $59.99



  • The Solar Lamp Radio is designed for both everyday use & emergency preparedness applications. With its revolutionary design and versatile functions, it's not only an ideal choice as a standby radio but also an indispensable tool for emergency preparedness purposes, travelling, camping, backpacking and other outdoor activities. 
  • This device is both multi-functional and ecological. Solar Charger Mobile + FM Radio + LED Lamp Torch + Dynamo + speaker. 15 bright LED lights for more than 10,000 hours (lifetime use). Design with battery capacity indicator, siren alarm and flash. Sensitive FM radio with auto-scan function.


    • Dynamo/Solar Power Charging
    • Condenser Flashlight lighting
    • LED (Straw Hat Lamp)
    • DSP Locked Frequency FM radio with auto scan-function.
    • Super Bright LED desk lamps, can be rotated 180 degrees
    • Alarm/Flash
    • Power Display
    • Direct output to charge a phone. Includes mobile phone adapters for most popular models. 
      Apple dock 30 pin, Samsung, micro USB, mini USB, Sony, Nokia

    Three Ways of Power:

    1. Solar panel: under direct sunlight, the solar panel will power the radio without a problem. 
    2. Crank dynamo:  120 turns per minute of cranking will power the built in battery pack with strong current and voltage. 
    3. Charge from a computer via USB port.


    • Solar panel: 5V / 90mA. 128x31mm.
    • Internal battery: 3.7V / 1500mAh Polymer-Li.
    • Radio frequency: FM76-108MHz.
    • Speaker power: 0.5W.
    • LED brightness: 2000-2500mcd.
    • LED life: 10000 hours.
    • Output power: DC5.0V / 800mA.
    • Input power: DC5.0V 500mA.
    • Charging by solar: 18 hours full charge (with strong sunlight).
    • Charging by USB cable: 5 hours full charge.
    • Charging by dynamo: 5 hours full charge (both clockwise and counterclockwise).