1 Person Gluten Free Deluxe Water and Food Replacement Pack

1 Person Gluten Free Deluxe Water and Food Replacement Pack

  • $70.00

The Aquatabs, water and food rations in our earthquake kits have a 5 year shelf life.  A couple months before your supplies are set to expire we will contact you with a reminder to replace the water and food rations in your earthquake kit. This pack is also great for those interested in replacing the supplies in their existing earthquake kit or to have on hand as an emergency source of food and water.  We track the expiry on replacement packs the same as we track our earthquake kit food and water supplies.


The 3600 Calorie Gluten Free Food Rations come with an extended shelf life of up to 10 years.  The Survival Tabs can serve as complete meal replacements, as well as an efficient life-sustaining source of very nutritious and energy giving food, all while being gluten free.


(12) 125ml Water Rations:
5 year shelf life, Canadian coast guard and Transport Canada approved, withstands temperature from (-40°C to 99°C) without bursting.  Could be Datrex, SOS, or 72hours brand.  We resupply the brand that provides us with closest to the 5 year shelf life, so you take advantage of the full shelf life of the product.

(10) Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets:
10 tablets treats up to 20L, fast acting, great taste, iodine free.