For almost 7 years, EarthquakeKit.ca was proud to carry Canada's #1 selling emergency preparedness kit, the 72HRS Deluxe Backpack Emergency Survival Kit.  To further enhance this already amazing kit, we are pleased to introduce our new kits that are unique to EarthquakeKit.ca.

Our Personal Supplies Kit and Shared Supplies Add-On were developed based on the recommendations provided by the Province of BC and Government of Canada regarding Emergency Preparedness and Earthquake Kits.

Furthermore, after speaking with many customers in the past, we found that most people already have spare backpacks kicking around the house.  The backpacks happened to be one of the most expensive items in the kits we sold.  Our new kits allow customers the choice of adding the backpack as an optional add-on to reduce redundancy and cost.

Our new kits are the most comprehensive on the market while still offering the same being affordable.

72HRS Essential Backpack Car Kit

72HRS Essential Backpack Car Kit

  • $160.00

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